For over 30 years, I, Lucille Friedland, M.S. have worked and consulted for a wide variety of places. I provided quality and successful business founding, marketing, and problem-solving services, an marketing trouble-shooting.

Below are 12 examples

Example #1:

Led Team Program Planning Process for then Future CoHousing for Single Mothers and their Children. Worked with a woman Housing Developer, Dominican Nuns, Single Mothers and their Children. Served as United Way Consultant for Co-Housing for women Employee(s), to Plan What was Then Future Co-Housing Group with Townhouses, Childcare Center, Job/ Life Skills Center.

a) Client & Sponsor: United Way of Silicon Valley, a group of Dominican Nuns. Before my role in project began,two women donated the land and a woman real estate developer was hired.

b) My Role: Planned and led planning meetings of Dominican Nuns, their Consultants, their Employee(s), then wrote up meeting results.

c) Team Results: Single-family townhouses, childcare center, job and life skills center were built, funded, with planned programs opened in the late 1990’s. Diverse single mothers, many Hispanic, move into this new Co-Housing Group that was planned, managed, and mostly funded by women.(Silicon Valley)

Example #2:

Helped Make Reading Cool in School by Co-Establish of “Read to Succeed” Program, Per Request by My Client Co-Owners of a Mom & Pop Bookstore. I Planned, Marketed, Created How-To Manual for then New Program at Multi-Ethnic Junior High School That Rewarded Students for Reading Non-Assigned Books that Were Okay with the School.

a) Client/ Sponsor: Co-Owners of Mom & Pop Bookstore (Client), Vice Principal at School, Company Sponsors.

b) My Role: Planned entire program, created all first level of marketing materials, worked with Co-Owners of Bookstore and Vice Principal at School, wrote how-to manual.

c) Team Results: Small Independent Bookstore grew to 10,000 square feet and added educational toy store. Reading of non-assigned books became cool in junior high school. Clients received award at a public ceremony.(Silicon Valley)

Example #3:

Co-Marketed “American Indian Holocaust Exhibit Project” at a Museum with a Group of Members of Different Native American Tribes and Project Director from a Non-Profit that Developed a System for Different People from Different Business Groups to Work Together with Success.

a) Client/ Sponsor: Community Partnership of Silicon Valley, Leaders of Various Native American Tribes.

b) My Role: Based on a small press release developed by another marketer, I interviewed team members, then developed a media plan, with a media kit, and media pitching how-to sheet. Based on a small press release developed by another marketer, I interviewed team members, then developed a media plan, with a media kit, and media pitching how-to sheet for it. I also developed a marketing flier. I worked with manager of Community Partnership of Silicon Valley and people who were there on behalf of various Native American tribes.

​c) Teach Results: Attendance at the Exhibit was Packed with People Standing Shoulder-to-Shoulder to See It. Major Media Coverage that was Sensitive Towards and Supportive of this Group’s Project.

Example #4:

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program, and General Crisis Hotline.Domestic Violence Legal Program, Shelter for Battered Women & their Children, a Domestic Violence Crisis Hotline, Enabled More Abused Women to Escape to Increased Safety through
United Way of Silicon Valley, Non-Profit Multi-Service Crisis Center with a Battered Women’s Shelter.

a) Client/ Sponsor:
De Facto chief marketing officer for non-profit agency, while being mentored and taught heavily by the Director of Development.

b) My Role: New marketer mentored and supervised by then business development director Florentino Guizar. Developed strategic marketing plan, press releases, presentations, and special events. Worked with local nonprofit to establish new recreation center for youth.

c) Team Results: Enabled More Abused Women to Escape to Safety. Shared & Made People Aware of Situations, Signs of Abuse, & Statistics.Convinced Community & Hospital Physicians to Send Referrals.(Silicon Valley)

Example #5:

Put Together in 7 Days an Event for Members to Showcase Businesses at International Balloon Fiesta, in Hospitality Tent, for National Association of Women Business Owners, Northern New Mexico Chapter (NAWBO-NNM).

a) Client/ Sponsor: National Association of Women Business Owners, Northern New Mexico chapter (NAWBO-NNM); major auto dealership donated use of tent. 2008, I developed overall plan and listed team members managed work of different aspects of projects.

b) My Role: I developed info sheets for people with info tables to use.

c) Team Results: Per plan, friends and family members provided social support for women business owners, learned more about these businesses, and enjoyed themselves, we made many new friends.(New Mexico).

Example #6:

Served as United Way lead consultant (managed consultant team) and the organizational development consultant for the then newer Indio-American Community Service Center (ICSC), since renamed as India Community Center (ICC). This enabled enabled ICC to become an official United Way Agency and to plan their future in detail with every aspect of their future programs, financial management, employee/ volunteer management, fund-raising plan.

a) Client/ Sponsor: United Way of Silicon Valley, Indo-American Community Service Center (ICSC) that is today called the India Community Center (ICC).

b) My Role: United Way Consultant for Newer Non-Profit Agencies, with Special Focus on My Leading Team Planning of Future Growth, and I Managed Entire Work of Entire Consulting Team. For more info, please see the above info. I also worked with the board of directors and chief director of the nonprofit agency, as well as United Way. I reported to the president of the board of directors. More Details: With their Consent at their Request, I Lead United Way Meetings of their Board of Directors and their Director Running Agency, through rest of Planning Process to Apply to Become an Official United Way Agency through the Official Complex and Long Process to Establish a Detailed 5-Year Plan for Future Programs, Buildings, Employees, Volunteers, and What We Would Need from Fund-Raising, Money Management, and Employee and Volunteer Management Programs. I also Managed Team of Consultants in Fund-Raising, Finances, and a Human Resources Expert. ICSC served people who are either from India and surrounding countries or whose ancestors were so, by providing programs to help preserve their cultures and acclimate to United States jobs, schooling, and society. I ensured that every single aspect of the program plans were supported in every way with employees and/or volunteers, funding, and proper systems for management and to evaluate their success. Using articles provided by client, I also compiled and wrote a case statement in support of funding. Total United Way apply packet was more than one inch thick of papers.

c) Team Results: ICSC was approved by United Way with a 5 out of 5 top rating. Shortly thereafter, ICC grew to over 40,000 square feet of buildings with up to 120 programs, receiving millions of dollars in donations(Silicon Valley).

Example #7:

Bolstered success of Farmer’s Insurance agency by working with Owner Insurance Agent to develop a Business Plan, Marketing Plana)

a) Client/ Sponsor: A Farmer’s Insurance Group office in New Mexico.

b) My Role: De facto chief marketing officer for planning future marketing. Working with client, based on what client requested, I developed a business plan and a marketing plan. I worked with the owner/ agent of insurance agency.

c) Team Results: Client will choose whether to implement plan.(New Mexico).

Example #8:

Served as Co-Director of Training Program to Help Marketing Consultants (Mostly Women Were in the Group) Better Run their Small Businesses, for regional chapter of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). Twenty (20) to 200 People Attended each Training.

a) Client/ Sponsor: Silicon Valley Chapter, International Association of Business Communicators (SV-IABC). We reported to the Chapter President of SV-IABC.

b) My Role: With a Co-Director of the IABC Independents’ Roundtable (IRT), for two terms I directed supportive education programs taught by legal and other experts to help owners strengthen their small businesses. We planned, organized, led, marketed, and created systems for input from participants. Purpose was in major part to help owners of small businesses learn how to plan and run them with success. I created a how-to manual that future IRT Directors used to manage the Roundtable. Other team members included the following: Another Co-Director; a welcome and sign-in team; catering team; team that set up tables, chairs, food, and cleaned up the room; management team of site; chapter (e)-Newsletter team; chapter web site team.

c) Team Results: In general, 20 to 200 small business owners attended each training. They learned how to run their own small businesses in a manner that follows laws, uses legal contracts, puts “Safety First,” and also helps their small businesses to arrive.(Silicon Valley).

Example #9:

Researched, planned, wrote, revised, input into computer and Internet tech (e-)Newsletters for a variety of former clients and former employers.

a) Client/ Sponsor: Many different former clients and former employers. They included a major high tech company, small high tech companies, nonprofit agencies, and small businessesover 30 years with more than 15 newsletters and e-Newsletters planned and in many cases also written.

b) My Role: Newsletter and e-Newsletter researcher, planner, writer, reviser, and inputter into computer and Internet tech.

c) Team Results: Many of these e-Newsletters and newsletters received awards.(Mostly in Silicon Valley).

Example #10:

Researched, planned, wrote, and got various grants for former clients and for former employers, including former high tech client, former nonprofit employers/ clients, and a few newer nonprofit volunteer projects, many grant packets resulting in to millions of dollars over time. Please note that all future nonprofit clients will be required to pay 15% of future funds, per legal contracts.

a) Client/ Sponsor: Many different former clients and former employers, including a former high tech company, former nonprofit employers/ clients, and a few newer nonprofit volunteer projects. Please note that all future nonprofit clients will be required to pay 15% of future funds, per legal contracts.

b) My Role: Grant researcher, planner, writer, and follow up role. Often I served in the role of de facto (in reality) the Chief Marketing Officer or VP of Marketing and Planning for the company or for a huge company a still large department.

c) Team Results: Over many years, for each former client and for each former employer, many millions of dollars per grant were often received.(Silicon Valley).

Example #11:

Sat at the table and learned how it was done for a then $1 billion economic development and job creation effort of the former Redevelopment Agency for the City of San Jose. Also marketed special projects.

a) Client: Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Jose.

b) My Role: Sat at the table and learned how it was done. Also marketed special projects — the agency itself, Xerox corporation groundbreaking, Arena groundbreaking, mixed-use housing community.

c) Team Results — Tens of thousands of high-paying new jobs were added due to the ability of the Redevelopment Agency to attract new major corporations including but not limited to the world headquarters of Adobe Systems.

Example #12:

Client: Mobile Imaging Associates, LLC (MIA) – Adds medical mobile imaging semi-trailer services to medical sites of business partners. Provides MRIs, CT-scans, and/or CT-scans for bone density tests. MIA’s licensed radiology technologists provide direct services, while its board certified radiologists read and diagnose results. It has many sites in rural New Mexico.

My Role: In 2014 and 2015, developed marketing plan, co-wrote web site with client, co-wrote PowerPoint talk for business development purposes with client, prepared flyers, built and designed web site based on template from Homestead Technologies.

Team Results: Client had previously attempted work with two other marketers, but they were unable to produce needed materials nor results. Client had for three years tried in vain to obtain an additional specific desired major business partner. Within about one month after hiring Lucille Friedland, M.S. of Friedland Marketing, client was able to contract this major business partner. This was due to many reasons including but not limited to excellent MIA services, a significant shift in the marketplace, and successful marketing by Friedland Marketing. MIA continues to attract ideal potential business partners.