Lucille Friedland, M.S. brings over 30 years of successful marketing, strategic planning, and coaching expertise. She graduated with a Master’s of Science degree in Mass Communications with a focus in Public Relations, plus earned other degrees and took other coursework. They include earning a Bookkeeping Certificate from Central New Mexico Community College (CNM). For many years, Lucille has used a variety of high tech software and cloud computing.
With many interests and hobbies, Lucille also has travelled and lived abroad and throughout the U.S.A. She is the author of YOU CAN PROSPER: How To Do More With Less published by RainbowExchange.NET Books in 2016.

Education & Degree Background:


A) San Jose State University (SJSU), Master’s of Science Degree (M.S.).
Lucille completed many marketing-related courses.
Lucille’s degree is in iMass Communications with a Focus in Public Relations.
Lucille graduated near the top of the class with a lifetime membership in the national honor society in that field.

B) Brandeis University, Bachelor’s Degree.
English & American Literature major.

C) Central New Mexico Community College (CNM).
Bookkeeping Certificate with almost all courses in accounting or Excel.

D) Stanford University, Foothill College, De Anza College.
Courses in public speaking, business, communications, journalism, interior design.

E) Ongoing education through various professional groups and government programs.

Examples include but are not limited to business development, business, high tech, web site design, public relations, marketing, finance, legal areas, organizational development, productivity/ time management, supervision, management.